The Society for Christian Bioethicists

Welcome to the SCB

The Society of Christian Bioethics exists as a forum for Christians and the wider academic community to discuss Christian Bioethics. The three aims of the Society are to support Christian bioethicists in their vocation, to promote the bioethical insights of Christianity within the academy, and to equip the wider church in its thinking about contemporary bioethical issues.

The Society seeks to achieve this by:

  • Providing a network for bioethicists working on similar topics to connect and collaborate.
  • Putting on conferences for the discussion of important topics in Christian bioethics and helping scholars get feedback on their work.
  • Providing briefings for the wider Christian world on topics of importance, helping Christians to understand the implications of bioethical issues arising in the contemporary world.

As well as seeking to provide a forum for bioethicists to discuss Christian Bioethics, the Society also seeks to educate and aid Christians more generally in thinking about and responding to bioethical issues. In order to serve this aim with greater clarity and meaning, the Society is based on the foundational doctrines of Christianity as expressed in the Nicene Creed, and is ecumenical with respect to denomination. It is also committed to the historic Christian teaching on human dignity, namely, that all human beings are created in the Image of God and that human life is worthy of protection from conception.

For this reason, the Society is constitutionally committed to these teachings in its governance, and in its public briefings and statements. However, the Society values the importance of open debate and the insights of non-Christian scholars with an interest in Christian Bioethics. Hence, scholars who do not share the commitments of the Society are more than welcome to participate in conferences and challenge these traditional perspectives. The Society believes that such open debate can sharpen everyone’s thinking and help Christians to understand and articulate their own commitments. Papers given a platform by the society need not directly address Christian teaching on bioethical issues. They need only be of interest or relevance to Christian bioethicists.

As part of the Society’s commitment to human dignity, the Society is committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their background.

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